Paint correction is the intricate process of permanently removing or reducing very light scratches and swirls instead of temporarily hiding and filling with wax or polish. All and any very light swirls or scratches need paint correction in order to be corrected or improved. Proper paint correction results in real swirl reduction without introducing more or worse buffer swirls caused by lesser experienced detailers or outdated products and buffers. All paint correction is performed by a high level detailer with over 18 years experience polishing and refining automotive clear coat. 

Level 2 Correction:

Level 2 or 2-step correction rated at 75-90% correction depends on several factors such as the depth of the imperfections and specifications of the vehicles clear coat. The first step is performed with an intensive high grade compound with modern polishing techniques and equipment to remove and abrade away top clear coat containing swirls and scratches. The second step is performed with a finer high end polish that restores the factory new gloss. Level 2 correction provides a noticeable difference in any clear coat imperfections and takes one complete day to complete our process.

Note: scratches or blemishes below or at the bottom of the vehicle's clear coat will still remain as further compounding is deemed unsafe and will reduce clear coat to a level negatively impacting vehicle's protection or future polishing.

Level 3 Correction:

Level 3 91-99% is considered complete correction. This intensive process is a 2 day process for correction. This process is only recommended for high dollar, show cars, or vehicles set for a complete coating or clear film covering.  Owners must be strongly committed and understand proper aftercare as this service is only recommended once in a vehicle's lifetime due to a significant reduction of clear coat.

Level 1/Single Step Polish Correction: We do not offer or recommend a level one single stage polish correction as a remedy for swirls and scratches. If you are seeing swirls and imperfections within your clear coat and request these be corrected, a level one correction wouldn’t be enough to provide a noticeable difference worth paying for. A single step polish would not provide enough of a noticeable correction to any light swirls, scratches or other clear coat imperfections. Even if a single step polish reduces swirls the abrasive action would need a second step for the paint to shine its best. Any significant reduction in visible swirls always requires an intensive 2 step correction process listed above. 

Notes and frequently asked questions: 

Results depend on age, varying hardness level of paint across manufacturers and the swirl depth is measured as finely in millionths of a meter that factor into final result of any correction percentage.

Choosing an experienced detailer is essential and the owner has over 18 years experience polishing clear coats and our corrections are owner performed, as well as adopting all modern advanced polishing systems from first introduction many years ago. 

This is Important when deciding to spend money to research and ask questions- less experienced, less expensive, lower priced detailers use older buffers that either do nothing except a 2 week wax that covers up imperfections/swirls or actually buff swirls and mar the clear coat.

So why do dealerships or other higher production shops still do this? Proper correction requires significant investment in equipment, many years of hands on experience are needed to fully craft this skill, thousands of dollars are invested into a new polisher system and more time and money is invested to learn and become efficient with safely refining the clear coat and providing true correction and final finishing.