New Car Care Prep

This package focuses heavily on Protection and theThis package is only for a customers with a brand new vehicle who is also satisfied with the exterior's current appearance. With a working philosophy of not waiting for a sunburn to start applying sunscreen, our goal is to preserve the current appearance. We remove any cleaning, detailing, and polishing steps and incorporate our TOL level protection.
  • Proper hand wash with a thorough pre-rinse to prevent scratching

  • Wheel faces and tires protected

  • Door, fuel, and trunk seams and seals protected 

  • Application of the very highest grade paint sealant protection available, this product outperforms all standard sealants and waxes

  • Protective sealant applied to tail pipes, emblems, chrome and metal trim

  • Wheel sealant application

  • Coating Protectant applied to all leather or leatherette

  • Coating applied to all dash, center console and door panels 

Please note: Unfortunately not all “new cars” look “factory new”. The truth is your new cars paint job has had a lot different hands on it before you took possession.  Auto shippers, greasy mechanics, careless sales associates, and low wage prep detailers have all touched your new car in some way.  All this action often leads to light scratches or swirls caused by improper prep washing or others being careless and rubbing against the vehicles finish. New vehicles that have sat on the dealer lot are prone to even worse  damage.  Acidic fallout from rain or bird droppings as well as “lot washes” leave these vehicles in bad shape. Many dealerships pay outside companies about $1-$2 dollars to spray and wipe down all the new cars. This improper practice leaves the vehicle with swirls and fine lines that require intensive correction by a qualified detailer. If your new car has these issues and you would like them fixed before the new car care prep please visit our paint correction page.