Interior packages

The Interior Refresh Detail

This package is closest to what is considered a mainstream full interior with the advantage of being performed by a highly experienced professional detailer.   This package works great for moderately dirty interiors but not heavily soiled messes.  For severely dirty or stained interiors please see our deep interior package below.  


  • Full detailed vacuum including all seats, crevices, and under and between seats.  The vacuum process is dry and is performed with tools and brushes to clean the carpet and upholstery of dust and other outside environmental debris.  

  • We then meticulously clean all dash, center console, door, and other trim interiors pieces using high quality cleaners and specialty tools designed for professional detailing.

  •  Leather seats are thoroughly cleaned using high end professional cleaners and specialty tools and techniques

  • professional leather protection and preservation treatment

  •  and UV protection for all other plastic and trim interior surfaces

  •  Floor mats are power cleaned to remove light soils 

  • All dash, center console, trim, and leather are protected and conditioned 

  • The interior is completed with streak free cleaning of all interior mirrors and windows

The Deep Interior Package

Your interior is bad and you know it. Your friends won't get in and all the air fresheners in the world cant help you now.  Even worse your windows stopped working and your forced to drive around enclosed in your own mess. Its time for profesional help.  Ok.. even if its not that bad and you want the benefits of heated steam cleaning for seats and/or carpets to remove heavy soils and stains this is the option for you.  


  • All services included in the Refresh Interior

  • professional leather protection and preservation treatment

  •  and UV protection for all other plastic and trim interior surfaces

  • incorporate carpet and upholstery steam cleaning methods and equipment used by commercial  carpet and upholstery cleaning companies 

  • These methods include professional pre spray for soil and food based stains 

  • oscillating machine brush scrub to further break down stains 

  • followed up by complete and thorough hot water spray and suction (steam cleaning) to all carpet and upholstery.  We are highly experienced with this procedure and stain removers to often times remove many more stains and more thoroughly than average detail operations.  We take great pride in our ability to deep clean and remove stains others may not.  Even with all the best procedures it is important to note some stains can be permanent as they include food dye or our are known to be natural dyes to some automotive surfaces.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is that other detailers may not have been able to remove stains or they showed up after the interior dried especially the seats.  Our process addresses this as we go back over stains several times to ensure that are removed as much as possible as well as we work to dry all wet cleaned surfaces to ensure the customer is left with true perception of finished results.  

The Luxury Interior Protection Package

This package is designed for already clean, new, or like new luxury car owners or interiors with leather either real or synthetic that require proper care for preservation.  A great option for those who don't know how or what to use due to risk of ruining the finish.   We are the right choice for those not willing to trust the luxury interior to car wash style or lower experienced detailers that could grease up and improperly distort the leathers appearance or dry out the stitching.  We only use high end prep and protection products combined with a very high-level of experience to properly prep and protect luxury and leather interiors. Our process and protectant will not negatively alter any interior materials and has proven in over a decade of our own real world tests to significantly preserve the new look. Package is intended for interiors already well kept and not needing significant cleaning.


  • a light vacuum 

  • windows

  • thorough prep wipe down to prepare interior surfaces 

  • professional leather protection and preservation treatment

  •  and UV protection for all other plastic and trim interior surfaces  

  • Recommended 3-6 months depending on use.