Exterior 1

Performed by a high level detailer

Tried and true above average high level exterior detail including professional clay bar, fine polishing, and new age ceramic sealant.  This package utilizes modern polishing systems and includes modern and current high level products.  Far above average detail in experience of detailer, quality of products, and time spent detailing the auto. This service is recommended for your auto's exterior on an annual basis. Rather you have a compact daily driver, luxury or exotic car, or minivan this will completely clean and protect your exterior.
  • Professional Graphene Ceramic Sealant Application (6-12month durability)- strong durability and far above average protection rating from environmental factors that cause paint damage and depreciation. Graphene-Ceramic infusion provides far better protection from exterior damage than wax or standard paint sealants.

  • Using our own on board water properly light pressure pre rinse to remove dirt and grime from panels and seems that can scratch during the wash process

  • Gentle top to bottom hand wash using safe and neutral ph car wash soap. 

  • Blow-dry crevices to prevent water drips and spotting

  • Clean wheels (moderate brake dust removal from wheel faces)

  • Clean tires and fender wells, apply high quality protectant

  • Bug removal (moderate level)

  • Tar and road film removal (moderate level) 

  • Professional level clay bar treatment fully decontaminates and deep cleans the paint to factory new level of clean.  Professional clay barring cleans far more contamination compared to standard clay but must be followed by a professional machine polish.  This tedious inch by inch clay process leaves the paint smooth as glass and is absolutely necessary before any polish or paint protection steps.  If not performed contamination and bonded contaminants can scratch the surface during the polish step and also prevent any sealants or coatings from adhering to the surface.  Sealants last longer and polishing is far more effective after clay bar cleaning.

  • High Level Machine Polishing session using advanced swirl free polishing tools combined with medium-fine german polishes.

  • True correction level of 25-50% depending on paint current condition, color,  and clear coat specification of manufacturer.

  • Preparation step for protective sealant or coatings

Exterior 2

Performed by a high level detailer

High Level 2 Step Correction Process to address any fine lines, swirls, spiderwebbing and other clear coat imperfections throughout. This intricate and highly skilled process is performed by a highly skilled detailer with 20 years of experience in clear coat refinishing and high level exterior processes.
  • Paint Correction with a multi step high level process

  • Correction level average between 75-90% removal/reduction of fine lines and swirls depending on starting condition and vehicle manufacturers clear coat specifications. Process eliminates swirls caused by low quality buffing and improper washing. Typically returns vehicle clear coat to as good or better than off the lot new car purchase.

  • Paint Thickness Measurements and evaluation removes chance of damaging paint and ensures true results

  • Includes all Exterior 1 Wash and Clay Services

  • Preparation steps for protective sealant or coating

Exterior 3

Performed by a high level detailer

  • Paint Correction Level at 99%

  • Multi Day paint correction and sanding process returns the paint to as close to defect free as possible 

  • Price Ranges based on specific vehicle and requires inspection and testing for final pricing $2,500-$3,500 prior to protection option

Specialized Services 

Specialized detailing services are added on to the appropriate package to ensure proper process: These added on services:

  • Artillery Fungus Spore Removal

  • Wax removal from incorrect waxing application 

  • Headlight restoration

  • Sap removal

  • Bird droppings etchings removal

  • Overspray paint removal

  • Sticker removal

  • Paint touch up

  • Spot Micro Compound one scratch, scuff, or blemish (only could be added to Exterior 1