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15+ Years of Testimonials



Nathan has been detailing my car for several years now, most recently yesterday. By the time he gets into his van to drive off into the sunset (and that's no kidding, he works a solid 6 hours every visit), the car looks exactly like it did the day it was picked up at the dealer. This time was no different.

Other reviewers (including myself in a prior review) note how knowledgeable Nathan is regarding auto detailing. Turns out that's the tip of the iceberg. He is also a student of automotive paint technology, clear coat processes, color considerations and polymer protectant properties. Yesterday he indicated that he conducts practical and long-term testing of the products he uses, to ensure that they perform to his satisfaction (a very high bar) before offering them broadly to clients.

Highly recommend Ace Mobile, the Motorcar Magician.




After looking at my corvette again and again over the past several days, I wanted to take another opportunity to thank you for the hard work you put into making my car perfect.


There really isn't a better word to use than perfect.


The finished car is beyond my wildest expectations.....and going into this project I was hoping for exactly what you accomplished with my corvette.


Your work ethic, knowledge, diligence, and perfectionist approach are to be commended in this age of people making wild promises and often just failing to deliver.


I couldn't be more pleased and would offer that if anyone ever questions your cost that you merely show them a picture of my car and how you brought it back to better than new condition. 


Black. Corvette. Perfect. Better than New. Perfect.It doesn't get any better than that for me. 


I know your business will do well. You have set yourself apart from the many others than fancy themselves as detailers.


Bill H.



"Won Best In Show Today. Good job Nathan!" Michael E.




I had Nathan come out on 5/7/18 for the Ace Detail Package, and he still does incredible work. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. 

He spent a full day working on my car, and his attention to detail is amazing. Every interior seam and crevice is free of dust and dirt and the carpets are spotless. He was able to bring out the original shine in the paint, which is really impressive because the car is 11 years old. In fact, he does such a good job that there was still wax on the car from when he first detailed it in July 2016.

Nathan explained everything he was going to do, and then steps I could take to maintain the car so I wouldn't need him to come out again until next year.

So, great work and great service.





Yesterday, I got a brand new car thanks to Nathan's hard work. I recommend his detailing services to anyone who wants to bring a vehicle back to life. He worked on my 13- year old Saab for 8 hours with no breaks. He's a perfectionist (which I suppose is the trait you want to see in a car detailer extraordinaire ) and I remain amazed at his work and the Transformation of my car. I won't lie-- my car had been "totaled" by my insurance company several years back, but I decided to keep it. I share this to emphasize that the car was in bad shape. I simply can't believe the way Nathan worked his magic. I am kicking myself for not taking "before" and "after" photos because you absolutely would not believe it. 

Nathan responded promptly to my initial inquiry and gave me a firm quote in advance. He also answered my questions along the way. He set clear expectations and let me know how and when he expected payment and what he could and could not do to improve the appearance of my car. Scheduling was easy and he arrived at my home promptly at 8 am as promised. He got to work right anyway --even before I got outside. I observed him, off and on, most of the day. Nathan is a machine-- no smoking, texting, sitting, eating, or coffee breaks---you get it. The guy is all business even in 90 degree heat.  It's his business and you can tell. He's owned it for 17 years and he cares about his customers' satisfaction. I've not experienced this level of customer service ( in any realm ) in so long that I'm certain to be blown away by this for quite some time. My neighbors are already asking how to get in touch with Ace Mobile Auto Detailing so I'm sure we'll see Nathan soon and we'll be able to thank him again in person. 



Ace came highly recommended by two friends who both own exotic automobiles, so I gave them a try for my 2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible.  Nathan impressed from the start, on time, all the proper equipment, and clearly knew a lot about automotive finishes and how to care for them.  Almost 12 full hours later my car looks better than when it left the factory.  He was able to make a number of light scratches completely disappear, and left a perfect mirror finish on a gloss black car.  It's the details that make the difference of course, the complete cleaning of the wheels, the use of the proper tire protectant (not the "gloss gloop" most places use).  He even made a point of noting how dirty the under side of the side sills were when he cleaned them.  He even removed the license plate and polished under where it goes. There was some back and forth in e-mail as some have mentioned (and a few marked down about), but let me help explain.  They want to know how bad the problems are with your car, so they can recommend the right services and products.  They also need to plan appointments for their "artisan" work, which means if you have significant issues they need to plan ahead.  Plus, these guys are in demand, you're not getting an appointment tomorrow. A six star service in my opinion.  The best of any detailer I've used my entire life anywhere I have lived.  There's a reason he's the choice of people who own $300,000 exotic cars, but he can make your daily driver look awesome as well.  Given the high level of service, the prices are completely reasonable as well.



Absolutely superlative experience.


Booking -- initial contact via e-mail was very responsive, and provided appropriate 'details' regarding the service. Date/time preference was readily accommodated.


Arrival -- Nathan was punctual, professional and ready to work.


Process -- shared helpful information up front and throughout the process regarding Ace services and products. Nathan demonstrated broad and deep expertise.


Preparation - had all necessary products, materials & supplies to complete the job, including OEM touch-up paint and new (!) microfiber towels.


Diligence - worked 6+ hours with minimal breaks; Nathan is incredibly industrious and preternaturally meticulous.


Results - vehicle has been generally well-cared for and is in excellent condition...even so, the outcome was remarkable. Allowing for 40,000+ wear miles (i.e., minor paint blemishes), it is fair to describe the condition of the vehicle now as better than it was in the new car delivery bay at the dealership.


Summary - the standard by which auto detailing services should be measured.



I can't speak highly enough of Ace Mobile Auto Detailing! I own a small SUV which has never been detailed in the six years I've owned it. It was in desperate need of some attention. The Ace technician, Nathan, was at my home promptly at 8:45 a.m. and spent more than six hours on my car. He was patient, courteous, and answered all my questions with ease. Nathan's attention to detail was amazing, and my car honestly looks better now than it did the day I drove it off the lot! I feel like I've got a brand-new car again. The detailing package was, without a doubt, worth every cent, and I will definitely be back next year for another service. If you're searching for a top-notch detailer, look no further - Ace is THE PLACE! A++



Platinum, 5-Star Company

When I first saw my Black Lexus LS 460 L after they finished putting on the C-Quartz, I was completely astonished as to how beautiful and deep the black color was.  AMAZING!!!..  Let me tell you, the products they use are top notch but even more is their commitment to providing superior service. I have never seen 2 more dedicated people to their craft.  Meticulous is not even a strong enough word.   Their craftsmanship and knowledge is beyond all expectations.   My car looks brand new.  The C-Quartz product on a darker colored vehicles not only provides amazing protection but the deep shine is incomparable to any product I have seen.  Ace Mobile Auto Detailing is an all around top notch company.  It is hard to find superior craftsmanship, customer service and price all rolled up into one company these days.  It seems like most companies are cutting corners.  These guys don't cut corners at all.  They were at my home for 9+ hours and that was just exterior service.  My car was already in good shape. They took it from good to GREAT!!!!!.

Highly recommended.  A keeper in my book.



I've had horrible experiences with details in the past and finally I found a professional company I can trust with my sweet ride.  In the past I would hire a company and pay top dollar for a detail only to realize I get screwed every time. Some thug or non english speaking crew would come and do a fast incomplete job most of the time and the cleanliness never lasts.  The guy from Ace came to my house and  took his time over 3 hours of work for a lot less than I normally pay.  They took my car with 100k of miles on it and made it like new.  I wish I could show before and after pictures. They buffed out scratches and dings that  I thought I was going to have to deal with with a new paint job. 



I've had my car detailed using Ace Mobile Detailing for several years in a row now. The crew is always prompt, courteous and professional and they remember me and my car year after year. Naturally they do a great job or I wouldn't call them year after year. Highly recommended!


Best Detail Ever

I contacted many are companies before deciding to go with Ace. They were really knew their stuff when talking to them over the phone which made me go with them. My car looks better than I thought it could and my jaw just dropped the first time I saw it. They were even able to get out light swirl marks the previous company that was used put in them (I got the car used).


I just found Ace after a neighbor had told me about this company. They brought everything and made it so simple. I was able to schedule an appointment fast and by email, they brought everything including water and electricity and most importantly both detailers knew what they were doing and my car looks better than it did brand new.


This is by far the best job I have ever seen!!! I have used other services and they did not compare. Thnk you Ace Detailing I will call again soon.


Great experience! 

So I've had my car for what seems like forever, and was getting tired of it looking like I've had it forever.. but I really was just looking to have it cleaned up a little. I was definitely not expecting to get it back looking like new, but now it definitely looks like it did when I first bought it! Not only is the outside of the car sparkling, but the inside is cleaner and looks more amazing than ever. The service was incredible, I've never met such competent and well mannered service in all my experiences with car services. I would definitely recommend Ace Auto to anyone and everyone because I had a great experience. Thanks Ace Auto for making my car like new again!



I called Ace detailing after I saw their ad on Superpages. I was able to get an appointment that same week and they even came to where I work! They arrived on time and were very professional. I left them my filthy car and came back out to one that was like new! Ace detailing is extremely professional, reliable, provides outstanding results. I highly recommend Ace for all your detailing needs.

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