TOL Package

Our TOL package is a true upgrade from the Ace detail package.  This package includes higher grade products with longer durability combined with higher rated protection values from elements that cause wear and depreciation.  
  • Thorough vacuum of every interior surface and trunk area

  • Meticulously clean all door and side panels

  • Meticulously clean all dash and center components 

  • Interior Window and Mirror Cleaning

  • Pre-spray all carpeting and upholstery with a safe and effective treatment

  • Deep Carpet and Upholstery Heated Steam Extraction to remove surface and embedded soils and food 

  • Clean Leather or Leatherette utilizing safe dedicated leather cleaners and specialized professional soft tools to clean between grain and seams

  • Leather Preservation and Coating Protectant applied to all leather or leatherette

  • Coating applied to all dash, center console and door panels 

  • All protection products used are of the highest grade, high durablity, and provide higher protection values than our Ace Detail Package

  • Door, fuel, and trunk seams cleaned and seals protected 

  • Proper Hand Wash with a thorough pre-rinse to prevent scratching

  • Wheels and tires cleaned and protected

  • Moderate tar and road grime removal

  • Clay bar treatment to remove bonded fine debris and contaminants

  • Professional polish utilizing modern machines, tools and polishes to increase gloss

  • Clean and Protect Exterior Trim and Plastic

  • Exterior Window and Mirror Cleaning

  • Application of the very highest grade paint sealant protection available, this product outperforms all standard sealants and waxes

  • Protective sealant applied to tail pipes, emblems, chrome and metal trim

  • Wheel sealant application

Our polishing with this package is intended to simply add shine by bringing clarity to the clear coat. This will not remove very light swirls, swirls, fine lines or scratches. To address these concerns visit our Corrections page.