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extra time upper level protection high level detailer performed 

Great for all vehicles with or without aftermarket protection works safely  or a great option for also perfect for coated ppf matte paint  and wrapped exteriors 


Full Hand wash - high level techniques used for safest effective wash possible

Only high quality BRAND NEW wash and microfiber materials touch the vehicle exterior surfaces thereby removing any chance of fine lines, scratches, or marring

Wheels/tires/wells washed 

Wipe out door, trunk, fuel crevices and apply sealant 

Tires protected 

Full paint decontamination of environmental fallout, bugs, tar

FULL exterior PREP wipe down to enhance bonding and appearance 

Body panels, glass, trim and wheels treated with slick high gloss sealant layer - far more than just head turning deep gloss  appearance has strong protective, hydrophobic, and self clean benefits 

Full Vacuum- Detailed and meticulous

Floor matts steam cleaned 

Detailed professional cleaning of all interior doors, dash, visor, side panel, and center components 

Professional protection applied to all dash, door, side, and center components 

Cloth seats vacuumed and few 3-4 light spot cleaned (if many stains, soiling, or spills than additional charges for steam extraction cleaning are needed)

Leather professionally cleaned utilizing high quality cleaner and specialized tools designed to work safely and effectively on all automotive industry leathers 

Leather professionally protected using top end tested effective product that reduces staining and lowers ware levels.  Treatment is odorless and leaves a light enhanced rich look without any unwanted residues 

Visors, Headliner, seat belts inspected and lightly spot cleaned or customer advised 

Interior windows, mirrors, and screens cleaned 

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