Immaculate Package 

The Immaculate Package provides a true detailing to the interior and a proper hand wash to the exterior.
  • Using our own on board mobile water supply- Proper light pressure rinse to remove sediment from panels and seems that could scratch during the wash process

  • Gentle top to bottom hand wash 

  • Blow-dry crevices to prevent water drips and spotting

  • Clean wheels (moderate brake dust removal from wheel faces)

  • Clean tires and wash fender wells, apply high quality protectant

  • Complete Vacuum under and between seats, all compartments, and trunk 

  • Odorless Professional Carpet Pre Treatment cleaning breaks down soils and light stains

  • Carpet and Mat Professional Steam Cleaning and Extraction (the best method)

  • Meticulous Thorough Cleaning of doors, crevices, dash, center console including all hard and soft interior surfaces

  • Light Cloth Seat Dry Cleaning Methods If APPLICABLE

  • Professional Leather Cleaning Including Deep In The Seems, Stitching, and Piping using a variety of high end soft leather brushes and specialized surface safe cleaners

  • Leather Protection Applied to all leather surfaces does not change the natural look or feel and provides high end protection against staining and cracking.

  • UV protection applied to all sensitive dash, plastic and interior trim surface

  • Paint Sealant Hand Applied-High Gloss-6 Month Durability 

 Ace Elite Detail Package

The Ace Detail Package provides a professional level of detailing to the interior and exterior of the auto. This is recommended for everyone looking to maintain their auto and value, daily drivers to exotic luxury autos. This is recommended to be performed once a year.
  • Includes all services in the Immaculate Package +

  • Professional level clay bar treatment fully decontaminates and deep cleans the paint to factory new level of clean.  Professional clay barring cleans far more contamination compared to standard clay but must be followed by a professional machine polish.  This process is tedious and labor intensive and provides an inch by inch clay process to leave the paint smooth as glass and is absolutely necessary before any polish or paint protection steps.  If not performed contamination and bonded contaminants can scratch the surface during the polish step and also prevent any sealants or coatings from adhering  to the surface.  Sealants last longer and polishing is far more effective.

  • High Level Machine Polishing session using advanced modern polishing tools combined with medium level-fine German and American micro polishes.

  • True correction level of 25-50% depending on paint current condition, color,  and clear coat specification of manufacturer.

  • Preparation steps for protective sealant 

  • Paint Sealant Application-lasts 5 times longer than carnauba waxes

 TOL Top Of The Line 

The TOL Package is a thorough detailing to the interior and exterior and provides an even higher level of durability of products used. This is recommended for everyone looking for a higher durability of products used. This is recommended on an annual basis and for customers of all autos that want the best products possible for an annual detail. 

  • Includes all services in the Ace Detail Package

  • Applied Leather Protective Coating- aids in the resistance of dye transfer and normal wear and tear of entering and exiting your auto- interior coating protective shield

  • Preparation steps for protective sealant to ensure longest possible application for durability

  • Multi-Polymer Paint Sealant Application to all paint services-high grade multi-polymer sealant application- combination of German, American, and Switzerland polymers provide long lasting paint protection from the elements that cause paint damage and depreciation- this can last 10 times longer than the typical carnauba wax or standard sealant

  • Multi- Polymer Paint Sealant Application to Wheels (aids in reducing brake dust buildup and adds ease in future routine cleanings of wheels)

  • Multi-Polymer Paint Sealant Application to tail pipes, chrome, metal trims and emblems

  • Rain Repellant Window Application

Specialized detailing services are added on to the appropriate package to ensure proper process: These added on services:

  • Artillery Fungus Spore Removal

  • Wax removal from incorrect waxing application 

  • Headlight restoration

  • Special circumstances cleaning to the interior

  • Sap removal

  • Bird droppings removal

  • Sand removal

  • Overspray removal

  • Paint spray removal

  • Sticker removal

  • Paint touch up